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Criminally overlooked, Mervyn Wall’s The Unfortunate Fursey, written in the 1940’s is a brilliant mix of satire and fantasy - two difficult genres at the best of times. It’s the story of  a medieval Irish monastery under siege by the forces of darkness, who find their breach in the cell of the unfortunate brother Fursey, a monk blessed with a stammer who thus can’t adequately perform the rites of exorcism required to keep the monastery safe. 

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I’m always fascinated by genres that actually need to create effects. The most obvious, and I assume the easiest, is probably pornography, but moving on from there (and I’ll probably get loads of people writing to me saying ‘no, no, no. Pornography is really hard!’),  horror and humour are both in the same category. If you’re not scared, it hasn’t worked, and if you’re not laughing, it hasn’t worked. I probably write like I cook, that’s to say with the same attitude. Who’s to say you can’t add this to that?

Neil Gaiman in interview with TMO (2005)