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Interesting new direction for Glen Hansard, whose first solo album comes out at the end of june. Back in a 2005 interview with TMO, he told us:

For me singing a political song is like me trying to sell you a Volvo, only because it’s like selling an idea. If I write a song about a situation, some people can do that very convincingly, but I don’t think that I can. It’s something I admire. I admire Damien Dempsey for example. It’s not even that he writes political songs, he writes songs about social situations and his people. You have to be very strong to write and sing songs like that. If you can see someone like that as a troubadour or a herald, that’s not what I am. I’m more like a little cinema. I’m a little world cinema in the corner of the town square, inviting you in to look at something. Follow the story and forget about the politics for a little while

The lead song from his up coming  Rhythm and Repose  album sounds very much like that art-house cinema (in a good way) in the corner, inviting you in for a strange and intriguing story.